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1What CRM should I use for my ISA?
Our team is well versed in all the major Real Estate CRM's, as long as it can support a Real Estate team with multiple user accounts, you should be fine.
2Are the ISAs native English speakers?
Yes, we only recruit ISAs that have a native English accent, in fact all of our ISAs spent time in the United States.
3What schedule should my ISA work?
This depends on the needs of your team, the best ISA's want to work 40 hrs per week Monday-Friday.
4How can I help Appointments be more successful?
Your ISA should let the leads know that the agent will be in contact with them before the Appointment to confirm the meet. It’s a good practice to call the lead right after the Appointment is set, just to introduce yourself and start building a relationship. Then we recommend texting the lead the day before to remind them of the Appointment and make sure that everything is still set for them. Services like Calendly can automatically do this for you. Doing these activities can greatly increase Appointment attendance rates.
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